Improved train information

Real-time train departure and arrival information is now available on the Esk Valley Railway website. Simply follow the link from the home page and then select your station. You can also access the information whilst on the move using a smart phone – follow the “Live departures for Mobile”link at the top of the home page.

This will be invaluable for passengers during times of service disruption, especially during bad weather. It will also be very useful for school train passengers with access to mobile phones.
This is the culmination of collaborative work between Northern, EVRDC and Envoy Web Design to provide access to the GPS screen information for as many passengers as possible. We thank Northern for providing the funding for this. We believe it is a huge step forward in customer information provision on an unstaffed remote rural line.
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2 Responses to Improved train information

  1. Kathryn says:

    It has always baffled me why the Music and Ale Train runs from Whitby to Middlesbrough and returns. Obviously the attraction is the music and ale, otherwise Whitby residents would have no incentive to travel to Middlesbrough. Makes far more sense to me to start the service in Middlesbrough.

    • evrdcwhitby says:

      It’s quite simple really. it’s the journey not the destination that is important. The times it runs are best when starting the journey from Whitby. It is either too early or too late in the evening starting from Middlesbrough, unless you travel on the 8.40 pm from Middlesbrough…but there wil be no music on the return. Why not travel on it? Then we can explain the reasons to you in more detail.

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