Apology to Rail Passengers in the Esk Valley

Network Rail is issuing a full apology to all the rail passengers who would normally have used Northern Rail’s Esk Valley train services. Essential works to replace four old bridges along this line are progressing well but are taking longer than originally planned, resulting in the line staying closed for a few more days.

An issue with a nesting bird caused delay to the start of works on one bridge but further aggravating factors including structural issues, poor weather conditions and difficulties with a crane have delayed the completion of the works. The line will now reopen at 0600 on Saturday 16 June.

Phil Verster, route managing director for Network Rail, said: “I apologise unreservedly to everyone who has been inconvenienced by the extended programme. We are very aware of the disruption this extension of the works is causing to Northern Rail’s passengers and to the local community. We are making every effort to complete the works in a safe manner and as quickly as possible.

“We are working closely with Northern Rail to ensure that alternative road transport is made available to minimise the impact on passengers.”


Danby Bridge

Network Rail is replacing four bridges on the Middlesbrough to Whitby line – Duck, Denby, Thorneywaite and Carr End. The decision to extend work rather than to stop and come back at a later date was made in order to minimise disruption to local residents and passengers as it would have taken longer and been considerably more disruptive to demobilise the site and come back at another time than to extend the works.


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