Whitby’s 40s Dance Triumph

40s weekend at Whitby 2014

A 40s evening dance organised by Whitby residents at the Metropole was a complete sellout on Saturday 11th October.
During the day, activities on Dock End by the War Memorial included the Parachute Regiment Association, Teesside Branch, joining up with the 40s celebrations. Katie Mustang entertained the public with 40s songs whilst re-enactors danced in the afternoon sun or took part in the tombola.

Linda and John Cudworth, the event organisers, explained ‘This is only our second year of arranging a 40’s event at Whitby, yet the support has been so fantastic. I cannot praise enough the support we have received from Whitby residents and businesses who have helped make the whole day and the evening dance such a runaway success.

Special mention must go to Chris Wales, the manager of the Metropole, the Co Op and Sainsbury’s supermarkets, the Whistlestop Café, Esk Valley Railway Community Rail Partnership and Northern Rail who all generously supported the event. Shops entered into the spirit by decorating their windows in the 40s theme.

The Esk Valley Concert Band and Starstruck Performing Arts supported Katie Mustang in entertaining the packed audience at the evening dance at the Mertropole. All the advance tickets were sold out.

Susie Corrigan and Hayley Miller commented, ‘What a brilliant evening’s entertainment. The atmosphere was fantastic. Linda and John have worked so hard and it has paid off.

Linda said, ‘Next year will be even better. We have already starting planning the 2015 event. Anyone interested in helping, please do get in contact ’.
For further details or to book for next year’s dance, please contact Linda on 01947 605407

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